Our Mission and Message

As Orthodox Christian’s our year begins every September 1st. Our Ecclesiastical years, as we call it, marches through the various Feast Days and Holidays. This journey encompasses our faith. I truly believe that having a beautiful calendar commemorating these days, is essential for every Orthodox Home. We have put together a high quality, full-color, spiral-bound calendar, which will be reasonably priced! The calendar will contain all the feast days, scriptural reads, and fasting periods. Each month will have a “Saint of the Month” featured on the top portion along with a brief history of his/her spiritual works.

The calendar can be customized specifically for each parish, as shown in the example here. Each community will have the option of allowing a sponsor and /or donor to display their message on the bottom flap portion. Ordering and payment information is located on the back page of this brochure. I pray that the new ecclesiastical year brings you and your family closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I truly believe that this calendar is a blessing. It will allow all of us to have a beautiful calendar in our homes, and in our lives.

Thank you,
Nicholas Siambis